Catatan kali ini lagi-lagi terkait dengan privacy dalam menggunakan facebook. De’ uissengi ro i facebook, assalang engka dipigau… nacata’si… Kita berteman dengan siapa, posting sesuatu di wall seseorang, menyukai status seseorang, bergabung dengan group atau menggunakan suatu aplikasi… semua dicatat dan ditampilkan di profile kita bahkan kalo gak salah di News Feed sehingga terlihat oleh semua teman ato pengguna facebook yang lain. Penting gak seh??!

remove recent activity

Nah, untuk yang tidak suka dengan hal di atas, ada sebuah tool yang bisa digunakan untuk menghapus atau menghilangkan semua jejak aktifitas (recent activity) kita di facebook secara otomatis. Berbeda dengan tips-tips yang lalu (menghilangkan foto yang ditag teman, cara antisipasi tag teman, melarang teman melakukan posting di wall, agar inbox email tidak dipenuhi pemberitahuan facebook dan menyembunyikan daftar teman di facebook) yang menggunakan fasilitas internal facebook, tips kali menggunakan sebuah add-ons dari browser Mozilla Firefox. Jadi tentunya hanya berlaku untuk yang browsing menggunakan Mozilla Firefox.

Cara penggunaannya sangat mudah, cuman install add-ons tersebut kemudian setting, maka semua Recent Activity yang tampil di halaman profile facebook kita akan terhapus.

Berikut informasi lengkapnya:

Nama add-ons: Feed Filter 1.4.1

Penjelasan: Hides selected Facebook posts such as “is now friends with”, posts from applications, etc. Also removes Recent Activity posts from your Wall, creates app filter links, hides ads, keeps you on the “Most Recent” News Feed, expands long posts, and more.

Feed Filter lets you control which types of posts appear on your Facebook News Feed. You can choose to show or hide the following types of News Feed posts:

- “Is now friends with someone”
- “Became a fan of a page”
- “Joined a group”
- “Was tagged in an album”
- “Commented on someone’s status”
- “Likes someone’s status”
- Events (announcing events and attending them)
- Applications (all except those you choose to display).

It can remove “Recent Activity” posts from the Wall tab of your Profile page. And it can keep your Home page always on the “Most Recent” News Feed. See the checkboxes for these two features on the Options window — they’re disabled by default.

It can create special “application filter” links on your News Feed page, to display posts from just one application (FarmVille, Mafia Wars, etc.)

It can hide sections from the right sidebar such as Ads, Suggestions, Requests, etc., or move them to the top of the News Feed page, allowing the center column of posts to expand and become wider.

It can automatically expand all filters on the left side of the Home page (Messages, Friends, etc), and it can expand long posts and comments (with “See More” links).


- Open the Options window by selecting “Feed Filter Options” from the Firefox Tools menu, or by clicking the little down arrow next to the orange Feed Filter toolbar button.


When the extension is disabled, it stops hiding items on the News Feed and re-displays all items currently hidden. You can enable or disable the extension from the Options window or by doing one of the following:

- Select “Enable Feed Filter” from the Tools menu. Each time you select this menu item it toggles the extension on or off, and changes the check mark on the menu item…
- or by clicking the custom toolbar button to toggle it on or off. It’s orange when enabled and gray when disabled.


The menu items and options window are currently in English only, but the add-on can hide Facebook posts in any language.

Nah tuh… pake bahasa Bugis tapi…, jadi translate sendiri yah….

Ini dia hasilnya…

clean recent activity facebook


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